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Yoga at Home
Yoga is a practice of coming home - 2021
Why practice Yoga?

Through self knowledge and the simple awareness of how our thoughts, actions and deeds affect everything as a whole, I feel we can simplify our lives, taking responsibility for our own happiness. The practice of Yoga is a wonderful tool to access moments of clarity, moments of pure love, moments of freedom and liberation. I feel I want to help guide people into their own personal journey to self love, self knowledge and liberation into many moments of happiness.

Teaching Style

I am guided by the Eight-Limbed Path of Yoga, and by the exquisit teachings from many devoted teachers I have had the pleasure of practicing with, here in Canada, and over yonder in India. I take the knowledge and insight I have gained through the journey of my personal practice, and render it into my teaching so the knowledge or truths that I share are genuine through my own experience. The sequence of my class may vary in accordance with my students needs. My classes are accessible for beginners, but I leave the options open to advance the postures where I see fit for the individuals in the class. I believe in having a strong foundation and to build slowly which helps to maintain a high level of integrity in the postures. I incorporate breathing and meditation techniques at the start of class and end with relaxation techniques and a mantra.

Private, Semi-Private and Group Classes Offered  

Private Yoga or Meditation 1-2 people

1hr - $90 + GST


Private Group Yoga 1-6 people

$125 (+ $10 each additional head) + GST

*An additional travel charge of $10 for travel to Windermere, $20 for Panorama, Fairmont and Radium


Pre-registered Classes  
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