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Invermere Massage
Offerings & Rates
Invermere Massage
Invermere Massage Cupping

Traditional Thai Massage

Thai Cupping

90 min     $155 + gst
2hr   $185 + gst
3hr   $295 + gst

Each session takes place on the ground on a thick mat, and the clients are fully clothed. The work is guided by the knowledge of Traditional Thai Medical Theory.


Some common techniques would be: gentle supported stretching (very similar to supported yoga poses), acupressure, traction, percussion, range of motion, neuromuscular release points, compression, alternate thumb and palm pressure and many other techniques. The ancient Lanna Medicine practice of Tok Sen is sometimes included in treatments. Tok sen is a cross over therapy between physical and spirit medicines.This gentle dispersing technique uses vibration to remove blockages in the channels, it activates acupressure points and promotes the normal flow of energy in the body, relax the clenched muscles of the body, mainly the ones that are impossible to reach with other massage techniques. 


All techniques are dependent upon the needs and current imbalances present in the client. 


Invermere Massage
Invermere Massage Cupping
90 min   $170 + gst
2hr   $200 + gst

Cups are sealed to the oiled skin with a suction that brings a flash of blood to the area. The cups help dissipate waste in the tissues that could not be properly processed through the body because of injury, weakness, dysfunction, sedentary lifestyle etc. Cups can be stationary or moving.

Very effective for relieving the pain of tight and sore muscles by removing lactic acid from muscles, releasing adhesions, breaking down scar tissue, releasing tight fascia, releasing heat (fever), dispersing stagnation, blood, releasing accumulated metabolic waste, assisting lymphatic drainage, relieves inflammation....and more.


Thai Prenatal Massage

90 min    $155 + gst


Thai Cupping, Massage, + Stretch

2hr  $200 + gst


This treatment provides the benefits of both Traditional Thai Massage techniques and Thai Cupping. This treatment is highly recommended for chronic neck and shoulder pain. 


Please note that cupping effectively releases tension and brings fresh blood into overworked or underworked muscles. The drawing out action may or may not result in feeling tired/sleepy after the treatment or the next day. Cupping/massage can be an effective option in improving sleep if insomnia is a challenge for you. 

A nourishing treatment to help ease and provide support to those beautiful mommas through the changes that come with pregnancy. This gentle treatment is excellent for easing muscle and joint pain, and can be helpful in reducing anxiety and depressive symptoms if they are present. Big love to those mommas and all they do!

Invermere Herbal Compress

Luk pra kob

(Thai Herbal Compress)

90 min    $210 + gst
2hr  $245 + gst


Fresh medicinal herbs chopped, prepped and gathered in cotton cloth, bound into to fist sized bundles that are steamed and then used as a massage tool during Traditional Thai Massage Treatments. Very decadent, very nourishing, very relaxing and effective at reducing inflammation, increasing circulation, analgestic, muscle relaxant, relieves joint pain...also depends on the properties of the herbs used. Used for chronic muscle pain, skin conditions, postpartum care, stress, anxiety, arthritis, poor peripheral circulation, insomnia, and depression.

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