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Pre-Registered Classes + Workshops

LIVE online yoga via ZOOM

Kimberly pours her heart into each class, using her extensive experience in Eastern Healing Arts to lay the foundation for students to tune into their own inherent wisdom and peace.

'Through self-knowledge and the simple awareness of how our thoughts, actions and deeds affect everything as a whole, I feel we can simplify our lives, taking responsibility for our own happiness. The practice of Yoga is a wonderful tool to access moments of clarity, moments of pure love, moments of freedom and liberation. I feel I want to help guide people into their own personal journey to self-love, self-knowledge and liberation into many moments of happiness.'    Kimberly Olson

Tuesday Evening Restorative

pre-registered sessions

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Small classes. Big heart.

Kimberly will continue her warm, hands-on teaching approach, gifting loads of therapeutic touch, hands-on adjustments, and mantra to her students. Classes will be boutique and small in numbers, perfect for extra compassionate attention! 

Attend in-person (limited spots) or online, the choice is yours!



Tuesday Evening Restorative Yoga, 6:15 pm - 7:30 pm

Pre-Registered 6 week session

When: March 21st - April 25th

​Where: Traditional Thai Massage And Yoga,  926 7th ave, Invermere (Above Valhalla)

Enrolment options:

In-person (Only 5 spots available): $132 + gst  

Virtual live stream on zoom: $108 + gst 

Life can get busy with excitement, stresses, responsibilities, and commitments. Restorative yoga is a restful and deeply nourishing style of yoga that can help us reset from our busy day-to-day lives. All postures are supported with bolsters, blankets and other props to facilitate a luxuriously comfortable experience designed to help release physical and mental tension/stress, improve sleep, and help prevent exhaustion, burnout and chronic tension that can accumulate in our fast-paced world. This practice can serve as a superpower to help us feel fresh, clear-headed and ready for the next day, feeling more spacious physically and mentally with renewed energy.

What to bring: Yourself and your yoga mat. All other props will be provided (you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer). 


Contact Kimberly for availability, upon which an Etransfer can be sent to to hold your spot! ($113.40) or ($138.60)  Thank you! :)


* Personal commitment is up to the student. If you are unable to make class, you can send a friend instead. If you develop cold symptoms you can attend class virtually from home :) Session classes are non-refundable. 

For virtual classes, if an additional friend joins you for the virtual class, they pay as they would in studio :) Cheers!


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