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Kimberly Olson Art
My Loves...

life, sparkly shine of happy eyes, books, sharp pencils, music, dance, food, laughing, matthew, bare feet, being in the forest, my teachers, philosophy, art, mountains, cold swims in the lake, sketchbooks, yoga, indigenous cultures, bugs, ravens, scarabs, sunshine, the smell of sawdust and chain oil, moccasins, hand tools, neglected things, garlic, honest people, easing people's pain, Bhaisajyaguru, my parent's sincere support in all my decisions (so much self confidence you have instilled by trusting me), mom's ability to be strong but vulnerable, my dad's warm eyes and ability to Macgyver anything, grannie's fuschia pink lipstick, grancher's love for granny, my little brother Ryan's honest wisdom, humour and ability to communicate, fresh mint tea with honey, the smell of your skin when the first spring sun beats down on it, hugs, the smell after a rain, tractors, trains, planes, helicopters, typewriters, the smell of old things, silence, goats, my childhood duck 'twig', love bombs, tea, barns, barbed wire fences, rusty metal, tide pools, buzz of a big city, diversity, mom's lasagne, harleys, Asia, sleeping, heavy blankets, cafes, sitting on rock or wood warmed by the sun, being read to, prairie fields, alpine, garage sales with Grannie when she was around, flea markets, learning, grandmother moon, the sound of laughter, Ry's paintings, feathers, sage, campfire smoke, shooting targets, climbing mountains and sleeping at the top (or drawing the view), sound of nature, watching someone do something they are good at or love to do, cooking, wood stoves, architecture, design, crochet afgans, leather, splitting wood, inversions, dimples, my dad's totem poles, time to myself, small towns, my high heels, winks.

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