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Massage Invermere
Traditional Thai Massage
Nuad Bo'Rarn

The physical expression of 'Metta' (Loving Kindness)

As one of the physical medicines of Thailand, Nuad Bo'Rarn has been treating the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies of the Thai people for over 2500 years. Through gentle manipulation of the body, Nuad Bo'Rarn helps us to regain our natural balanced state, alleviating blocked energy, tension, pain and discomfort that can build up in our mind and body. Over the last 12 years, Kim has been honoured to receive and practice these teachings with the ongoing guidance of her dedicated teachers in Thailand, Canada, and the US.

What to expect...

I work with each client on an individual basis, guided by the Traditional Thai Medicine/Element Theory. I observe and work towards what is needed in that moment, to encourage balance of the physiological and psychological bodies of the client to regain a natural balanced state.


The imbalances that are observed/indicated in that moment, dictate how I progress in the treatment and what techniques and tools I will use to help facilitate balance in the being. I work towards freeing movement, clearing stagnation, invigorating all layers of the body, from the most superficial layers of skin and muscle, to deeper layers into channels, joints, and organs. All of this benefiting our tendons, ligaments, and freeing movement within our systems on the most micro scale. These traditional techniques nourish the circulatory, lymphatic systems, tone organs, ease pain, release tension and pent up emotions. 


With regular sessions, countless benefits will arise. The treatments can be specific, or a mix, extremely gentle and nourishing, or can be a very effective deep fascial treatment, or invigorating with lots of dynamic stretching and range of motion.


I have used this medicine on clients that range from 6 years old to 92 years old with great results!

With regular practice of Thai Massage the prolonged benefits include:


Physical Body

* Relieves muscle tension

* Increases flexibility

* Re-aligns the bodies physical structures

* Calms all sympathetic and parasympathetic function

* Nourishes nerve fibers

* Increased blood + lymphatic circulation

* Improves immune system

* Promotes cellular health

* Regenerate injured or weak areas for optimal functioning

* Tonifies organs


Emotional Body

* Reduces stress

* Very Grounding

* Improves state of well being

* Can increase mental clarity and release pent up emotions

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