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I was raised in the Columbia Valley in the small lake community of Windermere BC. Following my Father’s footsteps, I attained a Bachelor of Design from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2002. After graduation, I pursued a career as an Illustrator/Graphic Designer both freelance and as part of various design agencies. A few years later, a move to Montréal inspired me to pursue another creative path, that of a Carpenter. That eight-year journey led me to study through the Carpentry Apprenticeship Program, and later, some exploration into the art of Timberframe construction. After some time, my mind and body needed a change, and I turned my attention back to the softer, more nourishing pursuits of my art, yoga, and travel. Rediscovering Thai Massage through my Yoga Teacher training, a life-changing passion has evolved since my exposure to this unique healing art.

My inquisitive nature, my love for anatomy, the human form, philosophy, psychology and international travel has profoundly influenced and inspired my creative endeavors. I have been drawn to the Eastern World primarily, and the fruits of those journeys have inspired not only my Visual Art but also my pursuits in Dance and Traditional Eastern Healing Arts. As a lover of the body and movement, my root as an artist, I teach Yoga and practice Traditional Thai Medicine - The physical medicines of Thai Massage, Lukprakob, Fire Cupping and Tok Sen which I find are also very creative processes that allow me to explore the beautiful mechanism of the body.

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