A Few Testimonials...

Bonnie Hogg   

"I found this massage to be an all encompassing type of massage that I have ever had before. Lymph, muscle & skeletal movement, pressure points and massage on the whole body. It felt very healing and relaxing yet like I had body work at the same time. Kim is very perceptive on how much pressure to apply, For me just right. Really amazed at this type of massage, I don’t think I’ll go back to any other forms of massage or body work! Both Kim and her space offer a beautifully comforting energy. Looking forward to next time!"


Don Griffis    

"Kim's Traditional Thai Massage is an all encompassing experience that helped relieve the stiffness and soreness that I was having in various parts of my body. The dialogue that Kim has with the tissues embodies the skill and experience that makes her the great therapist that she is."


Bonnie Kowaliuk    

"Lovely space and presence. Thank you for sharing your healing energy."


Deena Weber    

"Kimberly is an amazing person and skilled practitioner. She has helped me with my chronic neck issues immensely. I continue to see Kimberly for health maintenance and to keep my neck issues in check. I highly recommend seeing her."


Lyle Wilson    

"Simply the best Kim! I feel GREAT!"


Justin James Woodman    

"What a great experience. Would recommend highly!"


Alison Bell    

"Kimberly is an excellent massage therapist. I always feel so much better after a treatment. I highly recommend her!"


Laura Mac   

"Kim's space is splendid, such a bright, warm and balanced space. The practice was SO nourishing, Kim was thoughtful and attentive, and we worked together to create a session that was healing and relaxing, and brought much relief to my body. Do yourself a favour and book a Thai massage with Kim!"


“Not being an individual that enjoys massages - in fact I absolutely do not like them - I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed Kimberly’s Thai massage. It is the best I’ve ever experienced, hands down. Loved it!  I’ll be going again!"

Jody Behan    

"Kim is amazing at what she does. Her physical strength and positive energy come through in her work. I entered her space in pain and left feeling rejuvenated and enlightend."