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A Few Testimonials...


Kim did a fantastic job. I feel so much better after the massage. I would highly recommend her to people that want a Thai massage. She is one of a kind. See you next summer!

Michele Neider

This is the most thorough and best massage one could ever get. Kim has deep knowledge of the body and very intuitive about what the person needs. If you try it once, you'll want to keep going. Simply amazing.


Coming from Asian culture, I have been to many massages in Thailand, yet this experience was one of the best, not only because Kimberly’s techniques were great, it was her intention, the energy that made the difference. Her intention of loving-kindness, healing both my body and my mind. Thank you!

Jim Shore

Fantastic overall experience. The treatment was exactly what I needed, and Kim made me feel comfortable from start to finish.


Best massage ever! after a very stressful year where no amount of meditation or anything else brought me relief, i was finally able to release all the tension from my body and relax! this made such a profound impact in my life, and i had a lot more energy afterwards as well. thank you!!


Jay Nick

Best in the valley!!



Kim is outstanding at her art and craft. Her space & her ability to connect, curate and effect an amazingly relaxing, restorative and therapeutic mind body treatment is top notch. I’ve had several Thai massages from Kim over the past 4 years and they have been excellent every time.


I had a great experience at Traditional Thai Massage. Kimberley is very kind & provided an excellent massage.


Brenda Mitchell

Best experience in a long time .Feel like a new person.


Kim is amazing at what she does ! I will always go back to her kind gentle nature and Wonderful massages.

Larissa Wygle

Wonderful experience, I enjoy the time while I'm there and then leave feeling relaxed and refreshed! Highly recommend!


Kim's Traditional Thai Massage is the most outstanding massage that I ever experienced in my lifetime. Kim has it all; she is thoughtful, lovely personality, highly skilled, funny, and takes her work very seriously. I always feel so energized, renewed, and happy after her massages. 10/10 recommend for everyone!

Kathryn Gowling

Kimberly is a gifted, caring, thai massage practitioner who provides a special touch & connection physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Justin James Woodman

Kim is SUPERB. I always feel immensely better after sessions with her. I have been quite rough on my body over the years and every time I visit it feels a little less rough. I step out of her studio with a pep in my step and motivation mentally to carry on. 5/5

Meg Watson

Kim offers an incredibly relaxing and restorative experience. Her depth of training means that each massage is catered to what is needed on that particular day. The space is beautiful and her energy is great! Massages with Kim are the best part of my regular self-care regimen!

Bonnie Hogg   

"I found this massage to be an all encompassing type of massage that I have ever had before. Lymph, muscle & skeletal movement, pressure points and massage on the whole body. It felt very healing and relaxing yet like I had body work at the same time. Kim is very perceptive on how much pressure to apply, For me just right. Really amazed at this type of massage, I don’t think I’ll go back to any other forms of massage or body work! Both Kim and her space offer a beautifully comforting energy. Looking forward to next time!"


Don Griffis    

"Kim's Traditional Thai Massage is an all encompassing experience that helped relieve the stiffness and soreness that I was having in various parts of my body. The dialogue that Kim has with the tissues embodies the skill and experience that makes her the great therapist that she is."


Bonnie Kowaliuk    

"Lovely space and presence. Thank you for sharing your healing energy."


Deena Weber    

"Kimberly is an amazing person and skilled practitioner. She has helped me with my chronic neck issues immensely. I continue to see Kimberly for health maintenance and to keep my neck issues in check. I highly recommend seeing her."


Lyle Wilson    

"Simply the best Kim! I feel GREAT!"


Alison Bell    

"Kimberley is an outstanding Thai Massage practitioner. She is very professional and kind. She asks for input regarding what you need from the treatment and she is very attentive. The studio space is calming, bright and full of her beautiful art! I highly recommend Kimberley."


Laura Mac   

"Kim's space is splendid, such a bright, warm and balanced space. The practice was SO nourishing, Kim was thoughtful and attentive, and we worked together to create a session that was healing and relaxing, and brought much relief to my body. Do yourself a favour and book a Thai massage with Kim!"


“Not being an individual that enjoys massages - in fact I absolutely do not like them - I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed Kimberly’s Thai massage. It is the best I’ve ever experienced, hands down. Loved it!  I’ll be going again!"

Jody Behan    

"Kim is amazing at what she does. Her physical strength and positive energy come through in her work. I entered her space in pain and left feeling rejuvenated and enlightend."

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