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experience ancient healing

Through ancient Thai Healing Modalities, I respond to the natural fluctuations that occur in the body and mind of each client. Using my experience to respond accordingly to their unique condition in that moment, we work together to facilitate a release of accumulated tension. This tension may manifest grossly or subtly as physical pain, discomfort, stagnation, or mental tension that can manifest as stress, anxiety, or other mental states that influence the physical. We work together to achieve the client's goals at that moment and use gentle stretches, range of motion, and massage techniques guided by insights gained from generations of gracious teachers.

Thai Massage

"I found this massage to be an all encompassing type of massage that I have ever had before. Lymph, muscle & skeletal movement, pressure points and massage on the whole body. It felt very healing and relaxing yet like I had body work at the same time. Kim is very perceptive on how much pressure to apply, For me just right. Really amazed at this type of massage, I don’t think I’ll go back to any other forms of massage or body work! Both Kim and her space offer a beautifully comforting energy. Looking forward to next time!" - BH


926, 7th Ave, Invermere, BC

Clinic is located in Frater Landing.

(Upstairs, above Valhalla Pure Outfitters, next to AG Foods)

Accessibility is limited due to the stairs, please reach out and I can make arrangements for a home visit if you are unable to access the studio.

Thank you!


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